Gctelecom.co.uk is a premier phone card distributor & retailer. We wade through all the service carriersí phone cards to find the best quality phone cards at reasonable prices. Moreover, we try to retain only first class service carriers who are just as dedicated to providing high levels of customer service as we are. If you ever encounter any problems with one of our phone cards, do not hesitate to let us know so we can contact the service carrier immediately to solve the problem.


Gctelecom.co.uk is focused on providing you with the first and the best solution for your telecommunication needs. We will be your one-stop shopping center, information center, and storage center for your prepaid phone cards. In addition, you will find that we are fully customer oriented. Our dedication to customers is second to none!


Here, you find the most complete selections of quality products. With our easy to navigate web site, you can search, find, and purchase a phone card in just a few minutes. Moreover, pin numbers can be delivered within seconds after your payment. To make it easier on our customers, we accept all major credit and debit cards, Money Order, and checks.


At Gctelecom.co.uk, our service does not stop after your payment. You can login into your account at any time to find your purchase history and any relevant product information. From now on, you will never have to worry about loosing your phone card pin number again! Simply click on the Goto My Account link, which is located right below our Gctelecom.co.uk logo. Here you can access your pin numbers, recent purchase history, and even your calling records for some of our cards. Login into your account today and find out how Gctelecom.co.uk can work for you.



Our Commitment to Customers at Gctelecom.co.uk

At Gctelecom.co.uk, 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We understand that phone cards are an important item because they help us stay in touch with our family and friends no matter where we are in the world. While we cannot see each other face-to-face very often, we can still hear the sound of their voice as well as the emotions in the words which just cannot be felt through e-mail. That is why Gctelecom.co.uk is always fighting for our customers. You are our family, and we do our best to help you stay in touch with yours. Thus, each member of our staff believes in our commitment to our customers:




What good is a phone card if you cannot hear the other party, or they canít hear you? No one wants to spend money on a phone card that constantly has poor connections and terrible sound quality. That is why Gctelecom.co.uk is constantly searching for high quality carriers to supply phone cards. A crystal clear telephone conversation is what we want for all our customers. Thus, we are always trying to improve the quality of our phone cards. While many of our cards have excellent quality, we are not satisfied until we have reached perfection!



Unfortunately, calling long distance is not cheap. If it were, there would be no need for phone cards. Because we care about our customers so much, Gctelecom.co.uk always passes savings on to our customers. When we negotiate new rates with our phone card suppliers, we are always fighting for lower prices so when we get them, we can immediately pass them on to our customers. We know how tough it is on people to stay in touch, and we do NOT believe that we should take every penny we can just so our customers can stay in touch with family and friends. We understand what it is like to be separated from those we care about. Thus, we always want to give our customers affordable rates so that they can also spend money on other necessities of life.



Ever since we started in this business, Gctelecom.co.uk has been dedicated to providing information to our customers. We always provide the facts about surcharges, connections fees, taxes, different rates, etc. about our phone cards. We want our customers to make the most informed choice that they can. Furthermore, we are available via e-mail (service@Gctelecom.co.uk) or by telephone (+44 - 20884 - 87575) to answer any phone card questions our customers might have. We want you to be happy with your phone card purchase, and you can only do that if you have the information to make the best choice.



When there is a problem, this means that we cannot contact our loved ones in a timely manner. We understand how infuriating this can be. That is why Gctelecom.co.uk strives for quick turnaround time for our customers. When there is a problem, we try to solve it as quickly as we can. In fact, we are always willing to fight for our customers. Rather than have you deal with the hassles of talking with the service carrier, we do it for you. Your time is precious, and we respect that. That is why we shoulder more of the burden so you do not have to spend your time doing so. We understand how difficult it can be to wait, but we appreciate our customerís patience in dealing with these matters. Always remember that YOU are our #1 priority!



We cannot be a premier phone card retailer & distributor without your help. Our customers play an important role to us. We always welcome customer feedback (good or bad) so we know how we can know how to improve Gctelecom.co.uk for everyone. Remember, Gctelecom.co.uk would not be a premier phone card retailer & distributor it is today without your help and input!