International Phone Card


1) What is a prepaid phone card and how does it work?

Prepaid phone cards are a service provided by various telecom companies that sell their service in advanced. When you buy a prepaid phone card from, you are paying for long distance connection time in advance. When you make calls using the phone card, the card's value is deducted based on connection fee, duration of connection, surcharges and any maintenance charges associated with the phone card.

2)What's the difference between prepaid phone cards, phone cards, prepaid calling cards, calling cards, long distance phone cards?

They refer to the same thing; prepaid long distance service from telecom companies who produces these cards. You pay for your long distance service in advanced, and you do not have to pay for any monthly fees, sign up fees or need to sign a contract. This kind of long distance service is getting more and more popular because the rates are decreasing faster in this area than in a post billed long distance service.

3) How do you deliver the phone cards that you sell?

We deliver all of our products online. Meaning that you will not get the physical phone cards in your mail. All you need to use a phone card is a TOLL FREE/Local Access Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the card. We deliver all this  information INSTANTLY from us via email.

4) What are your operating hours? Can I buy phone cards in the middle of the night?

We sell our phone cards 24/7/365 days. YES! You may buy phone cards from us in the middle of the night from the comfort of your home. No more driving down to a convenient store that sell phone cards.

5) How do I use a phone card?

To place calls, you must use a touch-tone telephone. First, dial the toll free access number provided, and then wait for the message asking you to input your pin number. You will then hear another message stating the value that remains on that specific pin. Next, dial the destination telephone number. A final recorded message will state how many connect minutes are available to that phone number/calling destination.

6) Do the rates on your cards change, depending upon the time of day?

No. All of the calling cards/phone cards we sell have the same rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7) My phone card says Invalid after entering the PIN given. What do I do?

Calling card manufacturers usually change access numbers when they change carriers. The result is that they have some batch of cards with the old access number and some new batch with the new access numbers. Sometimes even up to 3 access numbers. Thus, causing Pins to be invalid when using a wrong different access number. Please make sure to try ALL the access numbers that were given to you before contacting us. Most of the time, using a wrong access number causes "Invalid PIN problem". However, if you tried all the access numbers and it is still not working, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

8) What should I do if I have a problem using my phone card?

The best thing to do is to call the customer service number we provide with your pin. This toll free number connects you to the service department at the company that controls the access number and value of the pins for their phone card. However, if you do not receive proper attention, please feel free to give us a call.

9) What is a connection fee and when is it charged?

For phone cards with a connection fee (we state clearly if a phone card has a connection fee.), the connection fee is charged anytime there is a connection, even if the connection is made to a wrong number, an answering device, or voice mail. The connection fee reduces the available minutes on the card. There is no connection fee charged if there is no answer. If your card is wrongly deducted for a call that did not go through, please contact the customer service of the phone card. They should be able to credit back the connection fee to your phone card.

10) How long will my phone card last?

It depends from company to company. Generally, Phone cards should be used within 90 days of first use, or 90 days of purchase whichever comes first.

11) How are rates and minutes computed?

Deducting the connection fee from the face value of the card, and dividing the result by the rate per minute determine the usable minutes. All minutes shown are based on only one call and one connection fee. Please look at the poster posted for each card (can be found in the phone card's details page) for the most accurate minutes/rates.

12) Why do you calculate available minutes based on one call?

This is a convention adopted by the phone card companies to make it easy to compare total connect times for various cards.

13) Is all my personal information safe and private with you?

Absolutely! We never sell or share any information with anyone else. Any time the lock Icon is visible all credit card information is encrypted when entered. Never enter your credit card information when the lock Icon is not shown on the screen or in any email you send to anyone.

14) Are the rates any different if a cell phone is used in the call?

Yes. Calls made from or to cell phones are priced at a higher rate due to the extra technology involved in completing the connection.

15) When does a call connect?

All pins are computer recorded. The actual call begins 30-45 seconds after the connection RING, not when there is an ANSWER. If you do not get an answer in the first 30-45 seconds, after the first ring Please hang-up and call again.